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906 (50%), 1088 (50%) satoshi every 0 minutes.
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ZCash Faucet List

Website Coins Waiting Time Payment Method
Bestzec 1000 ZEC Every min Faucethub
Greenfaucet 850 ZEC Every min Faucethub
bithunt 850 ZEC Every min Faucethub
Alina 850 ZEC Every min Faucethub
Dutchycorp 750 ZEC Every min Faucethub
Queenfaucet 800 ZEC Every 5 min Faucethub

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t1P5XrQHpM7PmR178dufRDgRrXsRauqkx3a928 satoshi
t1XKC9B61s7GwrXKMczLENFBaFK72X6hYzF1121 satoshi

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